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Black Satin Rococo Shoes, ca. 1775-1780

Black Satin Rococo Shoes, ca. 1775-1780

antique rococo shoes 1770 1 antique rococo shoes 1770
Rococo Shoes, 1770s. Black with overlapping latchets, pointed tongue, Italian heel, oval diamante buckle, kid lining and insole. L-8 1/2 with 2-inch heel, buckles 2 1/2 x 1 3/4. The buckles are in excellent condition. The shoes are – for the age – in good condition. Losses to binding; torn along counter. Very rare to find. The decoration is not included.
Provenance: Helen Larson Collection. Helen Larson was a collector based in Whittier, California. She owned a successful film costume rental business and amassed a world-renowned private collection of historic fashion. She was a brilliant connoisseur and historian.

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