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Rococo Shoes, ca. 1795-1800

Rococo Shoes, ca. 1795-1800

antique rococo shoes 1795 1 antique rococo shoes 1795
Rococo Shoes, late 1790s. Bright pink with extreme pointed toe, low Italian heel and white striped cord, 2-tone leather lining, white kid and linen lining and insole. Photographed on model in "The Woman in Fashion" by Doris Langley Moore, 1949, plate III (wear by Mrs. John Carter). After Helen purchased shoes, they were worn by a model in a fashion show, 1960s. Bottom of one shoe transcribed with wearer's name and additional text. L-10 with 1 1/4-inch heel. Very good condition. Leather soiled, slight wear, one sewn crack (lateral on one shoe). The decoration is not included.
Provenance: Helen Larson Collection. Helen Larson was a collector based in Whittier, California. She owned a successful film costume rental business and amassed a world-renowned private collection of historic fashion. She was a brilliant connoisseur and historian.

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