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Extensible Silk Boots, ca. 1852

antique boots 1852 1 antique boots 1852

Innovations in the elasticity of rubber after the discovery of vulcanization in 1839 led to the development of elastic stitching, which, when woven into the fabric, could be used as a gusset for short boots. Such is the case with these boots made of gray silk, which we date to the early 1850s. This stretchy boot was very popular because it greatly improved comfort. In the United States, these boots became known as "congress" boots. In Europe, they later became known as "Garibaldi" after the Italian statesman who united Italy in the 1860s.

The boot is very large. Therefore, it could also be a man's boot. This would make it even rarer. Boots of this type have almost not survived at all, men's boots certainly not. They were worn on and then discarded. Good state of preservation with some foxing.

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