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Shoes victorian

GODMAN High Button Boots, ca. 1900

antique button boots 1910

Children's Boots, patended 1860

antique childrens boots patent 1860

Children's Boots, 1890s-1900s

antique childrens boots 1860

Children's Boots, 1880s-1890s

antique childrens boots 1880

Extensible Children's Boots, 1850s

antique childrens boots 1850

Baby Shoes, France, 1880s

antique baby shoes 1880

Biedermeier Children's Shoes, 1830s

antike Kinder Biedermeier Schuhe 1830

Embroidered Slippers, Ottoman Empire, 1880s

antique ottoman slippers 1880

Embroidered Slippers, England, 1870s

antique slippers 1870

Rococo Shoes, England, ca. 1796

antique rococo shoes 1796

Chevreau-Leather Rococo Shoes, ca. 1794

rococo shoes 1794

Rococo Overshoes, ca. 1792

antique rococo overshoes 1792

Embroidered Ball Shoes, Ottoman Empire, ca. 1870

antike ottomanische Schuhe 1870

Evening Pumps, France, ca. 1885

antique evening pumps 1885

Embroidered Evening Pumps, France, ca. 1880

antike Abendschuhe 1880

Oriental Children's Shoes, ca. 1870

antike orientalische Kinderschuhe 1870

Black Side Lacing Boots, Civil War Era, ca. 1860-1865

antique boots 1860

Brown Side Lacing Boots, Civil War Era, ca. 1860-1865

antique boots 1860

SOLLERS Chevreau-Leather Shoes, Cincinnati, ca. 1863-1870

antique chevreau leather shoes

Chevreau-Leather Shoes, ca. 1863-1870

antique chevreau leather shoes

HURREL Slip-on Shoes, Cincinnati, ca. 1840-1860

antique slip on shoes 1840

HOBBS Wedding Boots, Boston, ca. 1860

antique HOBBS Wedding Boots 1860

Wedding Boots, America, ca. 1860

antique wedding Boots 1860

Men's Slippers, 1850s

antique slippers 1850

SCHACHERER Pink Ball Shoes with Provenience, Paris, ca. 1811

antique empire slippers 1811

Lace-Up Boots, Germany, ca. 1900

antique lace up boots 1900

PINET Evening Shoes, Paris, ca. 1870

antique PINET evening shoes 1870

Boudoir Slippers, ca. 1885-1900

antique boudoir slippers 1885 1900

Lace up Boots, ca. 1899

antique boots 1899

HOOK, KNOWLES & Co. Evening Pumps, London, ca. 1889

antique shoes Hook Knowles 1889

THAYER McNEIL Metallic Brocade Lace-Up Boots, ca. 1895

antique lace up boots 1895

ESTÉ Romantic Period Silk Slipper, ca. 1840

antique Biedermeier slipper 1840

Extensible Silk Boots, ca. 1852

antique boots 1852

Red Satin Evening Shoes, ca. 1880

antique evening shoes 1880

Baby Shoes, ca. 1880

antique baby shoes 1880

Rococo Shoes, France, ca. 1770

antique rococo shoes 1770

BOUCICAUT Ball Shoes, Au Bon Marché, ca. 1890

antique Boucicaut ball shoes 1890

Brown Leather Shoes, polychrome appliqués, ca. 1840-1860

antique shoes 1840

Gaiter or Adelaide Boots, ca. 1845

antique gaiter boots 1845

THAYER McNeil Pumps, Boston, ca. 1898

antique pumps 1898

Native American Moccassins, ca. 1820

antique moccassins 1820

Silk Boots, ca. 1855-1860

antique boots 1855

BREITSPRECHER Shoe Protectors, ca. 1890

antiker Schuhschoner Breitsprecher 1890

Berlin Work Slipper Top, ca. 1870-1890

antique Berlin Work Slipper Top 1870

OPPERMANN & Co. Evening Shoes, Princely House of Wied, ca. 1867-1870

antique evening pumps 1867

Romantic Period Boots, France, ca. 1830

antique romantic period boots 1830

MELNOTTE Satin Ball Shoes, black rosette, ca. 1850

antique shoes 1855

Three Single Shoes, ca. 1850-1860

antique shoes 1850

Biedermeier Shoes, ca. 1823

antique shoes 1823

Balmoral Boots, ca. 1860

antike Stiefel 1860

Black Glacé Kid Slippers, pink silk, ca. 1855-1865

antique shoes 1860

Cotton Ball Shoes with Provenience, Parisian Label, ca. 1811

antique ball slippers 1810

Sport Cotton Sateen Lace Boots, ca. 1875

antique wedding boots 1875

Boudoir Shoes, ca. 1890

antike Boudoir Schuhe 1890


Evening boots, Paris, ca. 1870

antique shoes, victorian shoes, shoes 1870, antique boots, antique evening boots, antique evening shoes, antique dress

Elegant Evening Lace up Boots, from Vienna, ca. 1895

antique shoes, victorian shoes, shoes 1900, shoes 1895, antique dress, 1900

German button boots, from imperial shoemaker, Berlin, ca. 1900

antique shoes, antique boots, shoes 1900, antique Berlin, imperial shoes, antique dress, victorian shoes, 1900

Black Victorian High Button Boots, ca. 1899

antique button boots

Black Leather Evening Shoes, ca. 1895-1900

antique shoes

Wedding Shoes, ca. 1855

antique wedding shoes 1855

Romantic Period Boots, ca. 1830

antike Biedermeier Stiefel 1930

Rococo Shoes, ca. 1780

antique shoes 1780

Lady’s Buckle Shoe, ca. 1760

antiker Schuh 1760

Ball Shoes, provenance from Sophie, Princess from Hohenberg, ca. 1855

antique shoes 1855

Wedding Silk Satin Lace Boots, ca. 1875

antique wedding shoes 1875

Elegant Evening Boots, Sophie Princess from Hohenberg, ca. 1865

antike Stiefel 1865

Romantic Period Boots, Paris, ca 1830

antique romantic period boots 1930

Elegant Evening shoes, ca. 1895

antique shoes, shoes 1900, victorian shoes, shoes 1895, 1900, antique dress

FACUNDO GARCIA High Button Boots, Valladolid, ca. 1879

antique Facundo Garcia button boots 1879

Wedding Boots, ca. 1855

antique wedding boots 1855

"Congress" Wedding Boots, ca. 1845-1850

antique wedding boots 1845

JULIEN MAYER Evening Shoes, Paris, ca. 1865

17 antique pumps Julien Mayer 1865

Adelaide Wedding Boots, ca. 1830-1850

antique wedding shoes 1830

Silk Lace Up Boots, Paris, dated 1867

antique lace up boots 1867

Riding Boots, ca. 1890

antique ridding boots 1890

Riding Boots, ca. 1850

antique riding boots 1850

Bicycle Boots, ca. 1895

antique bicycling boots 1895

Biedermeier Wedding Boots, ca. 1830

antike Biedermeier Schuhe 1830

Regency Wedding Shoes, ca. 1818

antique wedding boots 1818

MEIER Elegant Evening Pumps, ca. 1875

antique evening pumps 1875

Opera Boots, France, ca. 1878

antique opera boots 1878

Late Baroque Lady’s Shoes, ca. 1725

antique rococo shoes 1725

Rococo Lady’s Leather Shoes, ca. 1730

antique rococo shoes 1730

Rococo Lady’s Silk Shoes, ca. 1760-1770

antique rococo shoes 1760

Black Satin Rococo Shoes, ca. 1775-1780

antique rococo shoes 1770

Rococo Shoes, ca. 1795-1800

antique rococo shoes 1795

BERENBAK Satin Evening Shoes, Princely House of Wied, ca. 1867-1870

antique evening shoes 1867

Rococo Shoes, ca. 1780-1790

antique rococo shoes 1780

American Ladies' Kid Leather Half Boots, ca. 1850

antike Stiefel 1850

Evening Shoes, Crown Princess Stephanie of Austria, ca. 1881

antike  Abendschuhe 1881

Rococo Shoes, England, ca. 1765

antique rococo shoes 1765

Late Baroque Lady’s Shoes, ca. 1730

antique baroque shoes 1730

Rococo Shoes, 1790s

antique rococo shoes 1790



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