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Two Beaded Hesse Hoods I, ca. 1850-1870

100 antique Hesse hood 10 antique Hesse hood

This antique hood was the head coverage for the Hesse/Germany region through about 1850-1900. Stiff classic shape as little ship. With decorative cut steel beading, and coloured beading. The one hood is more green the other more blue-green. Chin tie/ribbon is missing. The decoration is not included. Very good condition. The price is for both hoods.

Hood 1: ~ 10 x 11 cm (3,6 x 3,6 inches)
Hood 2: ~ 10 x 12 cm (4 x 4,8 inches)

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Price: 110 Euro

11 antique Hesse hood 12 antique Hesse hood 13 antique Hesse hood 14 antique Hesse hood 15 antique Hesse hood 16 antique Hesse hood 17 antique Hesse hood


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