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Mourning Bonnet, Jay’s London, 1888

antique mourning bonnet 1a antique mourning bonnet

Mourning Bonnet made of special crinkly "crape anglaise" (mourning crape - spelled with an "a" to indicate mourning crape) material specifically used by widows. This bonnet would have been used for in "second mourning" as it's only made in the black crape.
Jay’s London General Mourning Warehouse opened in 1841 and quickly established itself as one of the principal shops for mourning attire. It was especially noted for its black silk full mourning, though half mourning was also popular and became increasingly the norm. In providing dress and accessories for funerals and longer periods of mourning, it was careful to offer goods in a wide price range so as to attract the lower middle classes as well as the wealthier Londoners. The firm’s buyers travelled every year to the silk marts of Europe to buy black silk at the most reasonable price. As mourning conventions changed, so did the shop, and by the end of the nineteenth century it was also selling ordinary clothing in sombre colours appropriate to work as well as sad occasions (
The bonnet is in very good condition. Minimal sings of use and age. Shattering on the chin ribbons. Very rare to find. The decoration is not included.

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