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LEON YVES Wedding Parasol, Madrid, ca. 1905

antique wedding parasol 1905

Wedding Parasol, ca. 1880

antique wedding parasol 1880

Wool Umbrella, America, 1840s

antiker Biedermeierschirm 1840

Brussels Bobbin Appliqué Lace Parasol, ca. 1870

antique brussels bobin lace parasol 1870

Irish Crochet Lace Parasol, 1860s

antique irish crochet lace parasol 1860

FENSTERER Folding Parasol, Munich, ca. 1850

antique FENSTERER Parapluie 1850

Folding Parasol, carved shaft with roses, ca. 1860

antique stroll parasol 1860

Embroidered Cream Summer Parasol, ca. 1904

antique parasol 1904

CAZAL Folding Parasol, Paris, ca. 1865

antique folding parasol 1865

Lamé Umbrella, ca. 1918

antique Umbrella 1918

Promotion Umbrella, Barcelona, ca. 1929

antique doll Umbrella 1929

"Rose Knob" Umbrella, 1920s

antique umbrella 1920

English Carriage Parasol, ca. 1865

antique carriage umbrella 1865

Stroll Umbrella, ca. 1910

antique Parasol 1910

Small Promenade Umbrella, 1920s
antiker Promenaden Schirm 1920

Parasol Handle, ca. 1860

antiker Schirm Griff 1860

Carriage Parasol, ca. 1850-1860

antique parasol 1850

Lace Parasol Cover, ca. 1910

antiker Schirm Bezug 1910

Pagoda Umbrella, 1920s

antiker Pagodenschirm 1920

Cul-de-Paris-Parasol, ca. 1880

antique parasol

Umbrella, ca. 1900-1905

antiker Schirm

Parasol „Au Canard“, France, ca. 1900

antique parasol Princess alice of monaco

Parasol “Pommeau Aux Courge”, France, ca. 1920

antique parasol alice von Monaco


Umbrella or Parasol, ca. 1890


Beach Parasol, ca. 1925

antique parasol 1925

Parasol "En Ivoire", France, ca. 1900

antique parasol Princess alice of monaco

Victorian Ivory Tulle & Lace Parasol, ca. 1890

antique victorian parasol 1890

Brocade Parasol, ca. 1890-1895

antiker sonnenschirm

Stroll Umbrealla, Germany, ca. 1904

antiker Schirm 1904

Stroll Umbrella, Germany, ca. 1905

antiker Schirm 1905

Stroll Umbrella with original Cover, ca. 1905

antique umbrella 1905

Victorian Pale Blue Stroll Parasol, ca. 1870

antique victorian parasol 1885

Carriage Parasol, ca. 1880

antiker Kutschenschirm 1880

Stroll Ivory Tulle & Lace Parasol, ca. 1900

antiker Flanierschirm 1900

Carriage Parasol, England, ca. 1890

antiker Kutschenschirm 1890

Stroll Umbrella, World's Fair 1878

antique umbrella 1878

Beaded Romantic Period Parasol, ca. 1845

antiker Biedermeier Schirm 1845

"Pierrot" Umbrella, 1920s

antique umbrella 1920









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