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Sweetheart Hankies and Satin Letter Bag or Case, WWI, dated 1919

antique-sweetheart-hankies 1 antique-sweetheart-hankies

This handkerchief case and these hankies are a Souvenir de France artifact commemorating WWI. Because of the light weight and the beautiful hand work on these pillows they were a favorite item for American soldiers to send home in letters to their loved ones.
Beautiful silk handkerchief case with “Remember me” embroidery and two bows on the front side. Inside you can read: “Through the trees the sun is shining on the peaceful summers lane, and the bird are sweetly singing on the path beside the stream” and “Forget me Not * Greetings from Camp Dix, N.J.” The handkerchief is in good condition with some stains. Three hankies are in excellent condition. One hankie has three little holes. Two hankies are dated 1919. Motives: embroidered flowers, embroidered flags, embroidered year dates, etc.

Handkerchief case measures: ~ 7" x 11" (closed)

Buttons sold

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