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Tea Doll "Jenny Lind", ca. 1915

Tea Doll "Jenny Lind", ca. 1915

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Goebel Porcelain, Germany. Portrait-Doll „Jenny Lind“, with original label, ca. 1915. Pink silk dress and cream silk overdress over a wire crinoline. Lined with pink silk. Very good to excellent condition.

Johanna Maria "Jenny" Lind (6 October 1820 – 2 November 1887) was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale". One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in sopranoroles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in 1850. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from 1840.
Lind became famous after her performance in Der Freischütz in Sweden in 1838. Within a few years, she had suffered vocal damage, but the singing teacher Manuel García saved her voice. She was in great demand in opera roles throughout Sweden and northern Europe during the 1840s, and was closely associated with Felix Mendelssohn. After two acclaimed seasons in London, she announced her retirement from opera at the age of 29.

Height: ~ 39 cm

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