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Showcases Objects

Rococo Doll, Italy, ca. 1795-1800

antique rococo doll 1795

Silver Shoe, Germany, ca. 1900

antique silver shoe 1900

Ladies Set, 1920s

antikes Damen Set 1920

Souvenir Booklet, Paris, ca. 1865

antique souvenir Paris 1865

Children's Clothing Box, ca. 1905

antike Kinder Kleiderschachtel 1905

Three Medals, Austria, ca. 1914-1916

antique medals 1914

Regency Lorgnette, ca. 1820

antique lorgnette 1820

Tea Doll Head, 1920s

antique tea doll 1920

Bouquet of Wax Flowers, ca. 1910

antique wax flowers 1910

Silver Tortoiseshell Lorgnette, ca. 1860

antique Lorgnette 1860

SUCHARD Chocolate Box, ca. 1900

antike Schokoladenschachtel 1900

Smelling salts bottle, gold, ca. 1820-1830

antique smelling salts bottle 1810

Smelling salts bottle, silver, ca. 1820-1830

antique smelling salts bottle 1810

Au Bon Marché Box, ca. 1900

antike Schachtel au bon marche 1900

Nérée Boubée Butterflies, Paris, ca. 1890

antique Boubee butterlfy 1890

Lithograph Cardboard Gift Box, ca. 1910

antique box 1910

Presentation Casket, ca. 1880

antique presentation casket 1880


Gold Mounted Tortoise Shell Portrait Miniature Snuff Box, dated 1812

Antique snuff box HB

Leather Case, dated November 22, 1879

antique leather case





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