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Knitted Muffler in Original Box, ca. 1909

antique knitted muffler HB 1 antique knitted muffler

Knitted wool muffler, made by N.J. Rich & Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, copyrighted 1909, to wear around the neck under a coat. The muffler is 21 1/2 inches down each side, which are 5 inches wide, and closed with a gray metal snap at the neck. Good condition, with discoloration along the neck.
The original box did not fare as well as the wool muffler. The box is damaged (see photos). One of the corners is split and there are creases and dents and some colour loss. The still charming graphics on the box show a man and woman and 2 little girls, all in the dress of that era and all wearing the same muffler that's in the box. The box measures 5 by 6 1/8 by 1 inches.

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