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Miniature Painting, England, ca. 1830

antike Miniatur Malerei 1830 2 antike Miniatur Malerei 1830

The depicted motif is from the Tudor period in England, 17th century. This is easily recognized by the clothes of the young man. Pants, sleeves, shoes and cape are typical for the time around 1630. It is probably a minstrel singing for a woman. The sung about woman is not visible, a suggested curtain "hides" her. An inkwell with a quill stands on a table, over which a colorful tablecloth is laid.
We bought this miniature painting in England years ago. Watercolor painting probably on ivory. Signature: Kennedy (?). Original wooden frame with tiny chips. Excellent state of preservation of the painting.

Dimensions of the painting: ~ 10 x 7,5 cm
Dimensions, including frame: ~ 15 ,5 x 12,5 cm

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Price: 490 Euro

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