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Ambrotype, Girl, ca. 1855

Ambrotype, Girl, ca. 1855

antique ambrotype 1855 1 antique ambrotype 1855

Girl – portrait in original case. Measures: ca. 7 x 5,5 cm. Excellent condition of the ambrotype. The decoration is not included.
The ambrotype is a positive photograph on glass made by a variant of the wet plate collodion process. Like a print on paper, it is viewed by reflected light. Like the daguerreotype, which it replaced, and like the prints produced by a Polaroid camera, each is a unique original that could only be duplicated by using a camera to copy it. The ambrotype was introduced in the 1850s. Because of their fragility ambrotypes were usually kept in folding cases like those used for daguerreotypes (

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