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Men's Clothing

Rococo Coat, France, ca. 1780

antique rococo coat 1780

ECKHARD Top Hat, Frankfurt, ca. 1915

antiker Zylinder 1915

Gentleman's Riding Ensemble, Germany, ca. 1910

herren reit ensemble Breitsprecher 1910

LEE Travel Jacket, America, ca. 1901

antique mens travel jacket

Romantic Period Suspenders, ca. 1820

antique suspender 1820

Civil War Suspenders, ca. 1862

antique suspender 1860

WILKINSON & SON Gentlemen's Court Suit, London, ca. 1910

antique court suit 1910

HERMANN HOFFMANN Coat, Berlin, ca. 1925

antique mens coat Herman Hoffmann 1925

Biedermeier Vest, 1840s

Dame 3

Biedermeier Vest, 1830s

Dame 3

Man's Dressing Gown, ca. 1865

antique Mens dressing coat 1865

General Cloak of the English Army, ca. 1910

antiker Interimsrock General Ernst August von Hannover 1910

Silk Jacket, Order of Saint George, 1896

antique jacket order of Saint Georg 1896

Devonshire House Ball Costume, Marquise of Tweeddale, 1897

antique Devonshire costume 1897

Georgian Waistcoat or French Frock Coat, ca. 1760

antique waistcoat 1760

Student League Jacket and Photo, dated 1928

antike Studentenjacke 1928

Victorian Braces 2, ca. 1860

antique suspenders 1860

Romantic Period Facecloth Tailcoat, ca. 1839

antique tailcoat 1839

Men's Suit Samples, 1916

antique mens suit samples 1916

Long Johns, ca. 1920

antike lange Unterhose 1911

Jewish Hat, Germany, ca. 1910

antique jewish hasidic hat 1910

Chamberlain-Bicorn, Kingdom of Bavaria, ca. 1890

antiker Zweispitz 1890

Victorian Vest, ca. 1850

antike weste 1850


Men's Black Satin Stock Collar, ca. 1830

antique cravat

Waistcoat or French Frock Coat, ca. 1790

antikes Herrengilet 1790

Waistcoat or French Frock Coat, ca. 1795

antique French Frock Coat 1795

Gents Embroidered Formal Coat, ca. 1780

antique formal coat 1780

Gents Embroidered Evening Coat, France, ca. 1780

antique formal coat 1790

Gents Velvet Two-Piece Suit, ca. 1775

antiker Ausgehrock 1790

Gentleman’s Satin Embroidered Wedding Coat, 1740s

antique rococo wedding coat 1740

Young Man’s Coat, ca. 1760

antique Habit 1760

Elegant Suit, Zeppelin-Officer, ca. 1912

antiker Anzug Zeppelin 1912

Embroidered Coat, Italy, ca. 1855

antique mens court coat 1860




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