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Men Mannequin, Brussels, ca. 1925

2 antique Mannequin 1925

Little Mannequin, ca. 1910

antike Schneiderpuppe 1910

Mannequin, round stand, ca. 1905

antique mannequin 1905

Mannequin, D.R.G.M. Patent, Germany, ca. 1900

antike Schneiderpuppe 1900

Child's Mannequin, ca. 1890

antique childs mannequin 1890

GIRARD Napoleon Mannequin, ca. 1890

antique Napoleon mannequin 1890

Corset Mannequin, ca. 1910

antique corset Mannequin 1910

Corset Mannequin, ca. 1885

6 antique corset mannequin 1885

STOCKMAN Mannequin, ca. 1904

antique mannequin 1904

Mannequin, ca. 1900

antique mannequin 1900

FERRIS Corset Mannequin, ca. 1900

antique FERRIS Corset Mannequin 1900

Miniature Mannequin, ca. 1918-1922

antique miniature mannequin 1918

Male Mannequin, Prague, ca. 1905

antike Schneiderpuppe


Lambert Wasp Waist Mannequin, Paris, ca. 1890

antique mannequin

Mannequin, French Form, ca. 1900-1905

antique dress maker

Small French Wasp Waist Mannequin, ca. 1900


German Wasp Waist Mannequin, W.A. Jahn, Cologne, ca. 1890

antique mannequin

Wasp Waist Mannequin, ca. 1890

antique mannequin

Stockmann Wasp Waist Mannequin, ca. 1906

antique mannequin

German Wasp Waist Mannequin, Paul Baschwitz, ca. 1900

antique mannequin

Man Dressmaker's Form, ca. 1910

antique mannequin HB

Black Wasp Waist Mannequin, ca. 1905

antique Dressmakers Form

Beige Covered Wasp Waist Mannequin, ca. 1905

antique mannequin HB


Male Mannequin in Life Size, ca. 1927

antique male mannequin

Stockmann Wasp Waist Mannequin, ca. 1890

antique mannequin HB

French Table Mannequin or Corset Mannequin Bust, ca. 1896


Victorian Child Mannequin, ca.1895


German Wasp Waist Mannequin, Dresden, ca. 1890


Male Mannequin, ca. 1890

antique mannequin

Ferris Corset Mannequin and Corset, ca. 1890

antique corset mannequin 1890

Table Mannequin, ca. 1909

antike tafelbuste 1909

Hall Borchert Dress Form Platform, ca. 1905

antique dress form Hall Borchert 1905

Child’s Mannequin, ca. 1895

antique child mannequin 1890

Child’s Mannequin, ca. 1880

antique Child mannequin 1880

Rococo Mannequin and Robe à l´anglaise, ca. 1790

antique mannequin 1800

Child’s Mannequin, ca. 1900 (pictured in Jean D’Arc Living 04/2016)

antike Kinderschneiderpuppe 1900

Little Mannequin, ca. 1905

antike Modell Schneiderpuppe 1905

Table Mannequin, ca. 1904

antique table Mannequin 1904

Child’s Table Mannequin, Stockmann, ca. 1900

antique mannequin 1900

Little Mannequin, ca. 1885

antike Schneiderpuppe 1885

Jewellery Mannequin, ca. 1901

antique manequin 1901

Wire Dressmakers Form, Morss & Whyte, Pat. July 5, 1881

antique wire dressmakerform 1881

SIEGEL Mannequin, Paris and Brussels, ca. 1932

antique Siegel Mannequin 1932









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