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Flapper Necklace, Berlin, 1920s

antike flapper kette 1920

Murano Glass Necklace, Italy, 1920s

antique murano necklace 1920

Gablonz Brooch, blue glass, 1920s

2 antique brooch 1920

Chatelaine Spectacle Case, ca. 1890

antike Brillen Chatelaine 1890

Chatelaine-Brooch, 1902-1964

chatelaine brooch 1902

Crown of Mary, ca. 1915-1920

antike Marienkrone 1915

Brooch, ca. 1928

antike Brosche 1928

Victorian Mourning Brooch, ca. 1870

antike Trauer Brosche 1870

Woven Hair Watch Chain, ca. 1870-1875

antike Uhrenkette 1870

Victorian Chatelaine Spectacle Case, ca. 1870

antikes Brillenetui 1870

Art Deco Coral Coloured Glass Necklace, 1920s

antiker Schmuck 1920

Art Deco Robin's Egg Blue Glass Necklace, 1920s

antike Halskette 1920

Art Deco Iridescent Art Glass Necklace, 1920s

antique necklace 1920

Art Deco Enamel Black & Red Glass Necklace, 1920s

antique necklace 1920

Art Nouveau Choker, ca. 1902

1 antique choker 1902

Beaded Collar with Pendant, 1920s

antike Halskette 1920

Brooch, Garnet, ca. 1910

antike Granatsplitter Brosche 1910

Brooch, Freshwater Pearls, ca. 1900

antike brosche 1900

White Necklace, ca. 1910

antiker halsschmuck 1910


Jet Beaded Headpiece and Velvet Headband, 1920s

antique flapper headpice 1920

Rhinestone and Metallic Braid Flapper Bandeau, 1920s

antique rhinstone flapper bandeau

Rhinestone Headpice Tiara, ca. 1910

antique tiara 1910

Brooch with original photos of the wearer, ca. 1870

antique brooch 1870

Rococo Choker, ca. 1780

antique choker 1780











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