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WIENER WERKSTÄTTE Evening Shoes, Vienna, ca. 1906

titel antique WIENER WERKSTATTE pumps 1906

HARRIS Lace-up Boots, patented Heel 1915

antique lace up boots 1915

Irish Crochet Baby Shoes, ca. 1910

antique irish crochet baby shoes

BALLY Model Shoe and Company History, dated 1901

antique Bally Firmenbuch 1901

Wedding Pumps, ca. 1904

antique wedding shoes 1904

Party Shoes, ca. 1909

antique Party shoes 1909

Silk Wedding Pumps, England, ca. 1906

antique wedding boots 1906

RADCLIFFE High Button Boots, Boston, ca. 1916

antique RADCLIFFE boots 1916

MILLER & PEINE High Button Boots, ca. 1918

antique Miller Peine Boots 1918

RANDALL'S Evening Pumps, ca. 1912

antique Randalls Pumps 1912

GIPSY QUEEN Boots, England, ca. 1915

antique boots 1915

Blue Evening Pumps, ca. 1910

antique edwardian pumps 1910

BREITSPRECHER Evening Shoes, Berlin, ca. 1919

antique Breitsprecher shoes 1919

GRADE Wedding Shoes, ca. 1912

antique shoes 1912

Society Pumps, ca. 1909

antique Pumps 1909

Walking Shoes, ca. 1901

antique edwardian shoes 1901

Society Pumps, ca. 1905

antike Schuhe 1905

Boudoir Slipper, ca. 1904

antique boudoire slipper 1904

WICHERT Pumps, New York, ca. 1914

antique pumps 1914

Gold Evening Pumps, ca. 1910

antique evening pumps 1910

NORA Top Lace Boots, England, ca. 1910-1916

antique boots 1910

Green Silk Pumps, ca. 1912

antique pumps 1912

PETER YAPP Pumps, ca. 1915

antique pumps Peter Yapp 1915

Lavender Shoes, ca. 1900

antike Schuhe 1900

Wedding Shoes, ca. 1910

antike Hochzeitsschuhe 1910

Evening or Wedding Shoes, England, ca. 1908

antique wedding shoes 1908

High Button Boots, ca. 1905

antike Knopfstiefel 1905

Dr. Diehl Boots, ca. 1913

antike Stiefel Dr Diehl 1913

Boudoir Slipper, patent Oct. 23, 1917

antique slipper 1917

Golden Evening Shoes, Vienna and London, ca. 1912

antike Abendschuhe 1912

Evening Pumps from a Young Lady, ca. 1904

antike Schuhe

Wooden Boot Trees, ca. 1915-1920

antike Schuhspanner

Silk Lamé Evening Pumps, ca. 1910

6 antique evening pumps


Swim Shoes or Bathing Boots, ca. 1910

antique swimshoes

Edwardian Lace Up Boots, ca. 1910

antique lace up boots HB

Black Lace Up Boots, ca. 1910-1915

antique shoes, shoes 1910, shoes 1915, antique boots, 1910, antique dress

Pink Boudoir Slippers, 1915

antique shoes, antique slippers, shoes 1915, antique boudoir slipper, antique dress

Ground Gripper Surgical Shoes, ca. 1912


Two Tone High Top Lace Up Boots, ca. 1908


German Men’s High Button Shoes, ca. 1910

antique mens high button shoes

Silk Boudoir Slippers, ca. 1905

antique boudoir slipper

Edwardian Shoes, Hellstern & Sons, Paris, ca. 1905

antique shoes Hellstern 1905

Elegant Evening Boots, ca. 1904

antike Schuhe 1904

Elegant Evening Boots, Marienbad, ca. 1910

antique boots 1910

Evening Shoes, Green Silk, ca. 1910

antique evening shoes 1910

Titanic Era Beaded Shoes, ca. 1912

antique shoes 1912

Edwardian Knee Boots, ca. 1905

antique knee boots 1905

Dinner or Evening Shoes, Paris, Au Bon Marché, ca. 1904

antique shoes 1904

Gold Lamé Barette Boots, ca. 1910

antique boots 1910

Tango Boots, ca. 1908

antique tango boots 1908

Pink Evening Shoes, ca. 1912

antique shoes 1912

Evening Shoes, Andreas Neider, ca. 1912

antike Schuhe Andreas Neider 1912

Golden Evening Shoes, Floral Pattern, ca. 1912

antike Goldschuhe 1912



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