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Reception Gown, ca. 1865

Reception Gown, ca. 1865

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One piece reception gown with fancy over-skirt from the Victorian Era, ca. 1865. Rose striped lustrous silk in excellent condition. The dress is absolutely typical, with a front opening bodice, and tremendously wide skirt slightly trained to the back, which measures 41", again the classic length. The main decoration to the dress is a deeply pleated self fabric ruffle with raw edges, such as the pinked ruffles of the 18th Century. These ruffles are diagonally placed on the lovely, rounded bishop sleeves. The buttons that fasten the dress front are all present, as are all the hooks and eyes found. The bodice ends in a neat waistband, followed by the immense pleating of the skirt. This waistband, also in excellent condition, is then covered over with a separate over-skirt. The over-skirt is pointed to the two front edges, and then deeply scalloped across the lower edge. To this is attached the same ruffles as the dress, but this time with a rich brown silk braid, with silk ribbon threaded through it. When we turn the over-skirt to the underside, there are 3 sets of 2 ties, which when drawn up, gather the entire over-skirt up into charming drapes, thus we have the early sight of the bustle fashion to follow just a few years later. The over-skirt has a pretty bow to centre front and centre back, which hide all fastenings. The over-skirt and the entire dress; bodice, skirt, sleeves are fully lined, thus giving the silk a superb drape and body. There are bones internally, exactly as with Bradfield's study, all small. Two at each slanting bust dart and one at each side seam. One of the bones is missing from its case. The dress is in excellent fresh condition and the over-skirt is perfect. Here are the small issues: The buttonholes have been oversewn in quite sturdy thread. Maybe there was just a hint of wear so the thread was used to hide it. No wear at all now, but definitely oversewn at a later date. Quite neat though. The vast skirt lining has a few age stains but nothing unsightly at all. One of the lining seams has come undone for a short length, very simple to stitch closed. That's all! Very good condition for a dress around 150 years old.

Waist: ~ 68 cm
Bust: ~ 90 cm
Front Length: ~ 145 cm
Back Length: ~ 170 cm

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