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Pierrot Jacket, Silk, ca. 1790

Pierrot Jacket, Silk, ca. 1790

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Red stripped silk jacket from the late rococo period. In France it is the period of the “Revolution Fashion” (ca. 1789-1795) and the period of the “Directoire” (1795-1804).
The jacket is in very good condition – taking in consideration age and sensibility of material. Little splits in the silk. Little signs of use and age.
Origin: France
Very, very rare to find. The decoration is not included.

A pierrot is a jacket style that became very popular in the 1780s and 90s. It consisted of a bodice with a ruffled “tail” in back. Sometimes pierrot jackets closed in front, and sometimes were made in a zone front style. The ruffled skirting in back could be various lengths, with any sort of trimming, and were most commonly added on to the bodice at the waist seam, but many fashion plates show them cut in one with the back of the bodice.
The literal French definition of just the word “pierrot” is “sparrow,” which makes a lot of sense when looking at the style of this jacket. They show a puffed up front, like a bird’s breast, and a little fluffy tail out the back. The French liked to name some of their fashions after animals, so it may seem that “pierrot” was meant to say that the wearer of such a garment was like a little bird.

We find a similar picture in: Fashion. Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century (2 Volume Set) by The Kyoto Costume Institute.

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