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Early Dresses/Gowns

Young Girl's Walking Bustle Dress, ca. 1880

antique young girl bustle dress 1880

Robe de Visite, Scotland, ca. 1880

antique robe de visite

Rococo Dress, printed silk, England, ca. 1780

antique rococo dress 1780

Crinoline Dress Bodice, 1850s

antikes Oberteil 1850

Biedermeier Day Dress, Germany, ca. 1829-1834

antique Biedermeier day dress 1829

Caraco à l'Anglaise, France, ca. 1780

antique caraco a la francaise 1780

Spencer in Directoire Style, France, ca. 1795

antique round gown bodice 1795

Robe á la Française, Scotland, ca. 1772

antique rococo robe a la francaise 1772

Romantic Period Evening Gown, Scotland, ca. 1838

antique biedermeier dress 1838

Reception Gown, Scotland, ca. 1858

antique crinoline dress 1858

Princess Style Reception Ensemble, ca. 1878

antique princess bustle dress 1878

Rococo "Basque", France, ca. 1790

antique rococo basque 1790

SAVARRE Reception Gown, Paris, ca. 1885

antique bustle dress Savarre 1885

Feather Palatine, ca. 1828

antique feather palatine 1828

Wool Cape, ca. 1866

antiker Umhang 1870

Jacket, ca. 1880

antique bustle jacket 1880

Rococo Coat, France, ca. 1780

antique rococo coat 1780

Afternoon Dress, ca. 1869
antique afternoon dress 1869

Regency Evening Dress, England, ca. 1820

antique regency dress 1820

Princess Style Tea Gown, England, ca 1878
antique tea gown 1878

Reception Gown, America, ca. 1866

antique reception gown 1866

Mourning Bustle Dress, ca. 1882

antique mourning dress 1882

CRAIGNAC Ball Gown, Toulouse, ca. 1887

antique wedding dress

Day Dress, ca. 1856

antique victorian day dress 1856

Dinner Dress, America, ca. 1877

antique dinner dress 1877

Biedermeier Stomacher, Germany, ca. 1840

antique stomacher 1840

Rococo Bodice, Germany, ca. 1760

antique rococo bodice 1760

Ball Gown, France, ca. 1864

antique ball gown 1864

Empire Dress, France, ca. 1815

antique empire dress 1815

Boudoir Robe, ca. 1877

antique boudoir robe 1877

Melles. PATHIOT Reception Bustle Dress, Bar-sur-Aube, ca. 1878

antique bustle dress 1878

Rococo Corset, Italy, ca. 1740

antique rococo corset 1740

Blue Princess Style Bustle Gown, France, ca. 1879

antique bustle day dress 1879

Boudoir Robe, ca. 1875

boudoir robe 1875

Rococo Jumps or Waistcoat, ca. 1795-1800

antique jumps 1795

WORTH Jacket, Paris, ca. 1889

antique Charles Frederick Worth Jacket Paris 1889

Quilted Spencer, ca. 1855

antique spencer 1855

Princess Style Wedding Dress, America, ca. 1879

antique Princess wedding gown 1879

Paper Silk Reception Gown, ca. 1884

antique bustle dress 1884

Crinoline Dress, ca. 1865-1868

antique crinoline dress 1860

Mother & Daughter Afternoon Dresses, 1840s

antique afternoon dress 1840

Princess Style Wedding Dress, France, ca. 1878

antique wedding dress 1878

Romantic Period Dress, England, ca. 1847

antikes Biedermeier Kleid 1847

Dolman, France, ca. 1880

antique dolman 1880

Spencer Jacket, ca. 1815

antique spencer jacket 1815

Printed Romantic Period Dress, ca. 1847

antikes Biedermeier Kleid 1847

Ball Gown with Evening Bag, France, ca. 1865

antique ball gown 1865

Woven Paisley Stole, ca. 1820

antique Paisley shawl 1820

EMILE PINGAT Bustle Silk Gown, ca. 1882

antique Pingat bustle dress 1880

Romantic Period Wedding Gown, ca. 1845

antique wedding dress 1845

French Gauze Gown, Madame Hyde de Neuville, ca. 1828

antique gauze dress 1828

Rococo Stomacher, 1770s

antique stomacher 1770

Paisley Silk Dolman, ca. 1880

antique dolman 1880

CONNELL Velvet Dolman, Chicago, ca. 1888

antique dolman 1888

Regency Summer Spencer, ca. 1825-1829

Regency Spencer 1825


Spencer Jacket, ca. 1810

antique spencer jacket

Silk Brocade Wedding Dress, ca. 1880


French Purple Silk Day Dress, ca. 1865

antique dress 1865

Civil War Ballgown, ca. 1865

antique ballgown

Muslin Summer Gown, ca. 1855

antique summer gown 1855

Reception Bustle Dress, ca. 1877

antique dress 1877

Romantic Period Silk Ball Gown, ca. 1840

antikes Biedermeier Kleid 1840

Bustle Gown with matching Cabinet Card, ca. 1880

antique bustle gown

Exceptional Reception Bustle Dress, ca. 1878

antique bustle dress 1878

Civil War Reception Gown, ca. 1865

antique reception gown 1865

Reception Gown, ca. 1873

antikes Kleid 1873

Ball Gown, New York, ca. 1880

antique ball gown 1880

Imposing Wedding Gown, France, ca. 1877

antique wedding gown 1877

Ivory Satin Wedding Bustle Gown, ca. 1879

51 abito antico 1879

Burgundy Princess Style Wedding Gown, ca. 1878

antique wedding gown 1878

Regency Cotton Gown, ca. 1815

antikes regency Kleid 1815

Grand Wedding Gown from Paris, 1883 (pictured in Jean D’Arc Living 04/2016)

5 antique wedding dress

Elegant Jacket, ca. 1886 (pictured in Jean D’Arc Living 04/2016)

antique Jacket 1886

Empire Pelisse Coat, ca. 1820

empire pelisse robe 1820

Romantic Period Gown, ca. 1845

antikes Biedermeier Kleid 1840

Wedding Ensemble, ca. 1874

antikes Hochzeitskleid 1874

Bustle Ball Gown, England, ca. 1876

antique Ball gown 1876

Mourning Gown, ca. 1879

antique mourning dress 1879

French Travelling Dress, ca. 1879

antikes Reisekleid 1879

Visiting or Reception Gown, France, ca. 1856

antique reception gown 1856

MAZILLE French Festive Dress, ca. 1884

antikes Festkleid 1884

WORTH Cape, Paris, 1880s

antique cape WORTH 1880

Romantic Period Wedding Gown, Vest and Slippers, ca. 1835

antique wedding ensemble 1835

Riding Habit and Riding Hat, 1870s

antikes Reitkleid 1870

Romantic Period Visiting Gown, ca. 1837

antique romantic period gown 1837

Empire Corselet and Dress, ca. 1805

Empire Corselet 1805

Empire Court Dress, ca. 1805

Empire court dress 1805

Empire Pelisse Coat, ca. 1810

Empir Pelisse 1810

Spencer, Germany, ca. 1820

antique Spencer 1820

Bustle Ball Gown, ca. 1886-1888

antikes Ballkleid 1886

Lady’s Silk Jacket, ca. 1750-1760

antique silk jacket 1750

Silk Dress, ca. 1800-1805

antique silk dress 1800

Romantic Period Beige Silk Taffeta Dress, ca. 1844

antikes Kleid Biedermeier 1844

Romantic Period Printed Wool Gown, ca. 1839

antique romantic period dress 1839

Robe á la Française, France, ca. 1770

antique robe a la francaise 1770

BLACKWOOD Evening Bustle Gown, ca. 1884

antique bustle gown 1884

Robe á la Française, France, ca. 1770-1775

antique robe a la Francaise 1770

Robe á la Française, France, ca. 1760

14 antique robe a la francaise 1760

Chintz Hooded Cape, France, ca. 1790

antique hooded cape 1790

Wedding Gown, ca. 1867

antique wedding dress 1876

Robe á l'Anglaise, Spitalfields Silk, ca. 1780

antique robe Rococo 1780

GERSON & Co. Court Dress, Princely House of Wied, ca. 1888

antique court dress 188

Royal Ball Gown, ca. 1859

antique ball gown 1859

EMILE PINGAT Paisley Dolman, ca. 1880

antique dolman PINGAT 1880

Bustled Silk Dress, ca. 1874

antique bustle dress 1874

Bustle Gown, Empress Eugénie, ca. 1876

antique bustle dress empress eugenie 1876

Rococo Court Dress, ca. 1720-1760

antique rococo court dress 1720 1760

Princess Stil Dress with original Photography, ca. 1878

antique princess stil bustle dress 1878

Gorgeous Evening Gown, ca. 1889

antique evening gown 1889

Princess Style Reception Gown, ca. 1878

antique princess Bustle dress 1878

Robe á la Française, United Kingdom, ca. 1770

antique robe a la francaise 1770

WORTH Ball Gown Bodice, Paris, ca. 1869

4 antique worth bodice 1869

Romantic Period Court Dress, England, ca. 1838

antique court dress 1838

Striped Evening and Day Dress, ca. 1860-1865

antique evening dress 1860

Ball Gown, France, ca. 1864

antique ball gown 1864

Striped Early Romantic Period Dress, ca. 1825

antique romantic Period dress 1825

DUVAL & EAGAN Evening Dress, New York, ca. 1889

antikes Ballkleid 1889

Romantic Period Ball Gown, Lady Jane Erskine, ca. 1837

antikes Biedermeier Kleid 1837

Swansdown Feather Palatine, ca. 1820

antique palatine 1820

Magnificent Bustle Ball Gown, ca. 1889

Dame 3

BONDEUX SOEURS Gown with Day and Evening Bodice, Paris, ca. 1889

Bondeaux Soeurs Dress 1889

Rococo Pockets, ca. 1740

antique rococo pockets 1740

Rococo Robe Manteau à la Française, France, ca. 1770-1775

antique rococo robe manteau 1775

Rococo Stays, France, ca. 1720

rococo stays 1720

Crinoline Ball Gown, France, ca. 1859

antique victorian ball gown 1859

Ball Gown, France, ca. 1855

antique crinoline ball gown 1855

Robe á L'Anglaise, British, ca. 1770

antique rococo robe a l anglaise 1770

Rococo Stays, Germany, ca. 1740

antique stays 1740

Goldenrod Bustle Ball Gown, ca. 1882

antique bustle dress 1882

Spencer for a Riding or Amazon Dress "á la Hussarde", ca. 1808

antique spencer 1808

Rococo Robe Manteau à la Française, France, ca. 1770

Rococo Manteau Robe a la Francaise 1770

Regency Silk Dress, England, ca. 1818

antique regency dress 1818

Embroidered Lace Bustle Overgown, 1880s

antique bustle Overgown 1880

Rococo Caraco, ca. 1730

antique rococo caraco 1730

Independence Day Ball Gown, ca. 1866

antique independence day ball gown 1866

Muslin Dress with Palm Tree Embroidery, ca. 1802

antique empire dress 1802



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