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antikes rasier set 1878 1 antikes rasier set 1878

This lovely red velvet-covered shaving compendium is fabric-lined with fitted spaces for the items. Inside is a beveled mirror with an adjustable stand, a shaving mug decorated with pink flowers accented with green leaves, a large bow and a pink ribbon (marked on the bottom), a shaving brush with a celluloid handle with an incised design, a small nail buffer, a moustache brush and comb, a nail file and a little container which could have been for moustache wax. Most of these pieces appear to be made of celluloid - with the exception of the cup and the mirror. The comb is marked 'celluloid Pats Feb 51878'. It is intriguing whether such boxes were bought by gentlemen or by their wives as a gift. These boxes are a delightful snapshot of previous generations and their belongings and it is special to keep them intact. Length 8 ins (20.2 cm), width 6.5 ins (1 6cm), depth 5 ins (12.5 cm). There is some wear to the velvet fabric on the top of the box and the silk lining. There is a small crack on the inside handle of the cup (with no separation) and the comb is missing teeth (see image). The frame holding the items appears fractured in spots. This item can be seen in the book, "Antique Boxes - Inside and Out", on page 389. The decoration is not included.

Length: ~ 8"
Width: ~ 6 1/2"
Depth: ~ 5"

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