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Powder Puff, 20s

powder Puff 1920 1 powder Puff 1920

Powder Puff from the Flapper era, 1920s. Pale aqua blue and pink silk ribbon rosette flower in the center. Green leaves. Row of ecru lace. Cream coloured velvet/velour puff. Very good condition. The powder puss come together with the original antique box. Size of the wand is 10-1/4" in length (including the lace). Diameter of the puff is 4-1/4". Box does show some edge wear, which would be no more than normal.

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2 powder Puff 1920 3 powder Puff 1920 4 powder Puff 1920 5 powder Puff 1920 6 powder Puff 1920 7 powder Puff 1920 8 powder Puff 1920 9 powder Puff 1920 10 powder Puff 1920


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