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Lingerie Dress Set, 1920s

Lingerie Dress Set, 1920s

antique dress set 19201 antique dress set 1920

Although not marked, this lovely ribbon rosette set has the appearance of being from the Boag Ribbon Co. The dainty three piece set is perfect for lingerie or other clothing. Or your imagination. Found in the original box, the pieces are unused, still pinned to the card. The larger of the pieces is a circle of small rosettes edged in lace. Ribbon streamers, of a very pale lavender and pink, are in graduated lengths. The two smaller rosettes are a cluster of blue and pink edged in lace. Each piece has a safety pin to attach to a garment. Condition is very nice. Box is plain cardboard with no markings. Measurement particulars: The larger rosette with streamers is 4-1/2" long. (Streamers are 3" long. Circle of rosettes 1-1/2" diameter.) The other two matching rosettes are 3/4" diameter. The decoration is not included. 

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