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Dress Bag, France, ca. 1895

antique skirt bag 1895

Carnival Bow and Hat, Germany, 1920s

antike Karneval Schleife 1920

Swansdown Powder Puff, ca. 1910

antique powder puff 1910

Biedermeier Bouquet Holder, Germany, ca. 1840

antique bouquet holder 1840

Cigarette Holder in Leather Case, 1920s

antike Zigarettenspitze 1920

Pincushion, Heart Shape, ca. 1910

antikes Nadelkissen 1910

Sport or Motoring Glasses, ca. 1904

antike Sport Brille 1900

Wax Crown with big Orange Blossoms, ca. 1910

antique wax crown 1890

Wax Crown, Germany, 1880s

antique wax crown 1880

Silver Hair Pins, ca. 1900

antique STETSON Bowler 1905

Top Hat Cleaning Pads, ca. 1900

antike Zylinder Kissen 1900

Opera Glass, England, ca. 1910

antique Opera glas 1910

Swansdown Powder Puff, 1920s

antique powder puff 1920

Skirt Lifter, ca. 1882

antiker Rockheber 1882

Men's Tie, ca. 1910

antique tie 1910

Skirt Lifter, 1880s

antique skirt lifter 1880

Manicure Kit, 1920s

antique manicure set 1920s

Sewing Kit, ca. 1890

antique sewing set 1890

Wax Head Dress, 1920s

antique wax head piece 1920

Jewellery Pillow, ca. 1890

antikes Schmuck Kissen 1890

Wax Bridal Head Dress Tiara, 1920s

antique wax head piece 1920

Little Boudoir Jar, ca. 1890

antique little Boudoir jar 1920

Powder Box, France, ca. 1920

antike Puderdose 1920

Manicure Set, 1920s

antique manicure set 1920

Silver Cigarette Holder, Netherlands, 1920s

antike Zigarettenspitze 1920

Rococo Wig Accessories, ca. 1770

antique wig accessories 1770

Hair Ornament, Butterfly, 1920s

antique hair ornamente 1920

Moustache Binder, ca. 1920

antike Bartbinde 1920

Jabot 1, ca. 1900s

antique jabot 1905

Jabot 3, ca. 1900s

antique jabot 1910

Jabot 4, ca. 1900s

antique jabot 1910

Spectacle with case, ca. 1890

antike Brille 1890

Plated Chatelaine, 1880-1912

antique chatelaine 1912

Headdress and Veil, ca. 1890-1900

antique headdress 1890

Silver and Enamel Dressing Set, Birmingham, 1910

antique dressing set 1910

Women’s Beaded Tie, Germany, ca. 1923

antique tie 1923

Wedding Headpiece II, pictured in Jean D’Arc Living 04/2016, 1920s

antiker Brautkranz 1920

Wall Watch Pocket, ca. 1870

antique Watch pocket 1870

Wall Watch Pocket, ca. 1880

antique Watch pocket 1890

Wall Watch Pocket, ca. 1890

antique Watch pocket 1890

Wall Brush Pocket, ca. 1910

antique brushes pocket 1910

Silver Buttons, ca. 1890

antique silver buttons 1890

Lingerie Dress Set, 1920s

antique dress set 1920

Silver Cigarette Holder, 1920s

antike Zigaretten Spitze 1920

TAUBER Opera Glas, Leipzig and Dresden, ca. 1900

antikes Opernglas 1900

Powder Compact, England, ca. 1931

antique powder compact 1931

Dress Appliqué, ca. 1901

Kleid Applikation 1900

Dress Appliqué, ca. 1911

Kleid Applikation 1911

Hairdresser Utensils, ca. 1929

Hairdresser Utensils 1930

Faux Tortoiseshell & Rhinestone Comb, ca. 1905

antique hair comb 1905

Evening Hair Ornament, Butterfly, ca. 1915-1920

antiker Haarschmuck 1910

Buttons, ca. 1910

antique buttons 1910

Flapper Silk Powder Puff, 1920s

antike Puderquasten 1920

White Wax Flower Tiara, 1920s

antique wax tiara 1920

Bridal Head Dress I, ca. 1910-1920

antique head dress

Powder Puff, 20s

powder Puff 1920

Amber Meerschaum Cigar Holder, ca. 1900-1920

antique cigar holder


Victorian Sewing Set, ca. 1890


Fabulous Cut Steel Hair Comb, ca. 1880-1890

antique hair comb

Victorian Shaving Compendium, ca. 1878

antikes rasier set 1878

Wax wedding crown/tiara, ca. 1900-1910

antique wax wedding tiara

Hair Comb with Original Box, ca. 1880

antique haircomb

Hair Comb, Romantic Period, ca. 1830

antiker Haarkamm 1830

White-Buds and Flowers Tiara, ca. 1910-1920

antique wax tiara 1912

Wax Crown with big Orange Blossoms, ca. 1895 (pictured in Jean D’Arc Living 04/2016)

antique wax tiara 1895

Cosmetics, ca. 1910-1920

antike Schminke 1920

Romantic Period Hairpiece 2, ca. 1848

antikes Biedermeier Haarteil 1848











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