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Rococo Busk, ca. 1780

Rococo Busk, ca. 1780

antique busk 1780 1 antique busk 1780

Yet from the mid-sixteenth century until the early nineteenth century, the busk was a commonly known part of female dress: an independent, interchangeable part of the bodies and stays (corsets). It consisted of a long piece of a stiffened substance that was placed into a stitched channel between layers of fabric in the front of the bodies or stays and secured into place at the bottom by a small piece of ribbon called the ‘busk-point’. 
The busk was often given to a women as a love token from her suitor or lover, with romantic personal messages carved upon it. This busk was (maybe) carved by a professional as a commissioned gift. Elaborately decorated with chip carving, including heart, geometric and petal patterns. One copper inset panel show the inscription: C.L. Copper nails on lateral. 
Origin: Britain
Material: Carved wood, copper
Length: ~ 32 cm
 Buttons order
Price: 2.800 Euro

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