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Corset Bag, ca. 1896

antique corset bag 1896 1 antique corset bag 1896

This delightful corset bag of cream silk ribbon is hand embellished with flowers made of blue ribbon. The center of the flowers are embroidered in french knots. Leaves are in green thread. The case or bag is lined in pale blue silk. The two long sides of the case are of embroidery stitch. Narrow ribbon is laced through hand crochet loops near the top to tie the bag closed. With the bag is a large padded bow of the same ribbon and same pretty motif. At one corner is a lonely eye nor any other hooks. Somehow the bow would have attached to the bag but I found no evidence of how or where. Very good condition. Bag does have some small soiling spots and a couple of the embroidery stitches is broken at one side. The padded bow does have some shredding to the silk ribbon but very presentable. The decoration is not included.

Buttons sold

 2 antique corset bag 1896 3 antique corset bag 1896 4 antique corset bag 1896 5 antique corset bag 1896 6 antique corset bag 1896 7 antique corset bag 1896 8 antique corset bag 1896 9 antique corset bag 1896 10 antique corset bag 1896


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