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AMERICAN LADY Corset Box, ca. 1908

AMERICAN LADY Corset Box, ca. 1908

antique corset box 1908 1 antique corset box 1908

Corset box of the American company "American Lady Corsets" * New York - Detroit - Chicago - San Francisco. The company belonged to the largest manufacturers of underwear, but corset boxes have hardly survived. Well to very well preserved. A water stain on the lid. An open corner that used to be glued. Traces of glue still present. Corset boxes without corset are difficult to date. Therefore the box could be even older.

Measures: ~ 44 x 10 x 6 cm

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Price: 95 Euro

2 antique corset box 1908 3 antique corset box 1908 4 antique corset box 1908 5 antique corset box 1908


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