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AMERICAN BEAUTY Corset, ca. 1911

antikes Korsett 19111 antikes Korsett 1911

Long corset made by American Beauty, ca. 1910. The manufacturer is the American Kalamazoo Corset Company. The company produced up to a million corsets a year in its heyday.

This corset has the shape number 1286. Lace border at the top edge. A silk ribbon is threaded through the lace. Four original garters whose buckles have a 1908 patent. The corset is in good condition. It has never been or gently worn. A few stains. The silk ribbon is torn in some places. Rust stains on the buckles of the garters. The decoration is not included.

The Kalamazoo Corset Company was the largest employer in the city and the largest manufacturer of women's corsets in the world. Originally founded in Three Oaks as the Featherbone Corset Company, the president moved the business to the corner of Church and Eleanor Streets in 1891. Using turkey feathers in lieu of traditional whalebone, the Kalamazoo Corset Company patented their production methods and produced over a million corsets a year. One of the largest employers of women in the area, they boasted a workforce of over 800 workers (

Bust: ~ 62 cm
Waist: ~ 47 cm
Front Length: ~ 40 cm (without garters)
Back Length: ~ 44 cm

Buttons sold

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