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Children's Clothing

Health Underwear for Children, ca. 1900

antique corset improver 1900

SCHIESSER Children's Lingerie-Bodice, Patent 1917

antikes Leibchen Kinder Schiesser 1917

Children's Ensemble, 1860s

antikes Kinderkleid 1860

Baby Shoes, France, 1880s

antique baby shoes 1880

Biedermeier Children's Shoes, 1830s

antike Kinder Biedermeier Schuhe 1830

Baby Bonnet, France, ca. 1901

antike Baby Haube 1901

Young Girl's Summer Dress, France, 1920s

antique young girls dress

Romantic Period Girl's Dress, 1840s

antikes Biedermeier Kinderkleid 1840

Girl's Dress, ca. 1856

antique children dress 1856

Romantic Period Child Gloves and Socks, 1840s

antike Biedermeier Kinder Handschuhe 1840

Red Children's Dress, ca. 1910

antique childrens dress 1910

Rococo Baby Bonnet, ca. 1760

antique baby bonnet 1760

AU BON MARCHÈ Children's Evening Cap, ca. 1900

antique children cap 1900

Bodice, striped silk, 1850s

antique bodice 1850

Bodice, blue silk, 1850s

antique bodice 1850

Christening Gown, ca. 1910

antikes Taufkleid 1910

Girls Dress, ca. 1910

antikes Kinderkleid 1910

Embroidered Child's Bonnet, ca. 1860-1880

antike Kinderhaube 1860

Christening Gown with original Photo, ca. 1923

antique christening gown


Girl’s Dress, 1905

antique girls dress 1905

Girl’s Dress, Au Bon Marché, ca. 1908

antikes kinderkleid 1908

Bleyle Boy’s Suit, ca. 1928

antiker Bleyle Knabenanzug 1928

Rococo Child’s Court Dress, ca. 1760

antique childs court dress 1760

Girl's Gold Lace Dress, London, ca. 1923

antique girls dress 1923



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