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German Fashion Magazine: Der Bazar. Illustrierte Damen-Zeitung, 1865

Der Bazar 1865 1 Der Bazar 1865

Antique German fashion magazine Der Bazar. Berliner Illustrierte Damen-Zeitung, edit in Berlin by Louis Schäfer. Schäfer’s Bazar oversize newspaper style magazine contains an exceptional mix of the latest women's fashions and styles, articles on prominent artists, entertainers and society personalities as well as fiction, fashion features and advertisements. The magazine contains exceptional artwork and illustrations. This issue of the Bazar, Jan-Dec 1865, is the full and complete original issue. These wonderful newspaper style magazines are a great source for costume history, costume reproduction authenticity and those involved in re-creations, reenactments or vintage dance.
This magazine is in very good condition taken into consideration of age and fine material (paper). Book cover is partially loos. Very rare to find!

Measures: ~ 11" x 15"

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