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Extravagant Belt, ca. 1895

 antique belt 18951 antique belt 1895

Extraordinary and extravagant belt, ca. 1895. Origin: Europe. The belt was worn as a girdle. It has four miniature medallions made of hand-painted porcelain. The two on the side, which rested on the hip, are round. Depicted on both is a romantic scene: in the background a church, a mill and trees. In the foreground a swan. The side medallions are attached to the belt with small chains. Front and back medallion are oval. On the back medallion is painted man in rococo dress, in front is a woman in a robe á la polonaise. The front belt buckle is meant to be opened. The medallions are very well preserved. The bands of the belt are a bit "worn out".

Round Medallion: ~ 3 cm (Durchmesser/Diameter)
Oval Medallion: ~ 3 x 4 cm

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Price: 220 Euro

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