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Subtle Little Bag, Constantinople, dated 1849

antique bag 18491 antique bag 1849

Very beautiful and delicate little bag, dated 1849. Origin: Constantinople. The small purse has an accompanying letter from Eugène de Kerckhove, which he sent to his "bonne mere", Grégorine de Kerckhove, from the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Eugène graduated in law from the State University of Ghent (1841) and became a Belgian diplomat in Stockholm, Paris and Istanbul from 1841. In 1849 he left Belgian diplomacy and entered the service of the Ottoman Empire as Minister Plenipotentiary in Brussels and Madrid. This little bag, which he sent to Belgium, dates from this period.
The bag is made very filigree. The material could be hair. Strawberries and different flowers have been embroidered on it on both sides. Hanging tassels made of hair (?) and metal wires. Excellent condition. A little faded on one side. The bag was displayed in a frame for decades.

Length: ~ 15 cm (incl. tassels)

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