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Pocket, ca. 1880

antique pocket 18801 antique pocket 1880

Over the years, we had dresses from time to time that only had a slit in the side or back, but no inside pocket. So-called garment pockets were worn under the dresses. The women kept their personal belongings in them. Such as: Purse, sewing kit, wallet, the smelling salt box, perfume bottles, handkerchiefs and keys. These garment bags were often worn over the top petticoat, or directly on the crinoline.

This garment bag is made of linen. Very well preserved. Partially replaced binding cord. The decoration is not included.

Length: ~ 32 cm
Width: ~ 12 cm (top) and 16 cm (bottom)

Buttons sold

2 antique pocket 1880 3 antique pocket 18804 antique pocket 18805 antique pocket 18806 antique pocket 18807 antique pocket 1880


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