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Miser’s Purse, ca. 1870

antike Geldtasche 1870 1 antike Geldtasche 1870

19th Century crocheted miser's purse. Three colours. One ring. Fringed on both ends. Very good condition. The miser's purse was in style in the mid to late 1800's. Carried by both men and women to contain money, they were flipped over a belt, held in the hand, or kept in a pocket. The metal rings push down to contain the coins, which were inserted into a small slit opening at the middle of the bag. These purses were often hand made from patterns found in the magazines of the time.

Length: ~ 22" (incl. fringe)

Buttons order
Price: 120 Euro

2 antike Geldtasche 1870 3 antike Geldtasche 1870 4 antike Geldtasche 1870 5 antike Geldtasche 1870 6 antike Geldtasche 1870 7 antike Geldtasche 1870


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