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Evening Bag of a Noble Lady, late 18th Century

antique bag 1 antique bag

Evening purse/bag of a noble lady from the late 18th century. Very filigree hand working of thin metal wires, small sequins and crocheted flowers and leaves. Two acorns covered with metal filaments decorate the bag. The lower edge is decorated with strings of black steel beads. The center pictures show ladies and gentlemen in the fashion from the1750s. The bag is lined with silk. The reticule has stronger signs of age. The silk is worn on some places at the front, also on the back. Wires and sequins partially missing. Silk is missing on the upper portion of the bag. Replaced chain. Considering the age of the bag and the sensitivity of the materials, it is little wonder that this bag still exist today. The price reflected this condition.

Measures: 10 1/2" x 7"

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