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Chatelaine Purse, ca. 1890

Chatelaine Purse, ca. 1890

antique purse 18901 antique purse 1890

Victorian era chatelaine pocket/purse. Black pebble grain leather, silver metal frame, chain & hook. Leather pouch style bag. Sculpted exterior leather pocket. Scroll work repousse frame & chatelaine belt hook. Push button clasp closure. Gray suede lining with side pocket. Chatelaine pockets were just big enough to store a few essential items, though they were an important part of fashionable dress.
Approximate measurements:
Height - 7" without handle
Width - 6"
Depth - 3"
Belt hook drop - 6 1/2"
This bag is over 100 years old and condition is consistent with age. Wear, considered patina, may be deemed desirable. Shows tarnish and surface wear to metal work. Surface wear "cracks" to leather. Lining at exterior pocket shows disintegration. Lining shows hand writing and light soil. Certainly not perfect but generally overall good condition.

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