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Kokoshnik Headdress 2, 1920s

Kokoshnik Headdress 2, 1920s

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Historically a kokoshnik is a headdress worn by married women. The word kokoshnik describes a great variety of headdresses worn throughout Russia. While wearing a kokoshnik the woman usually wears her hair in a plait. It resembles the French hood worn in Tudor England, but without the black veil. The crest can be embroidered with pearls and goldwork or simple applique, usually using plant and flower motifs. The forehead area is frequently decorated with pearl netting.
This kokoshnik is from the 20s. Good condition. A few pearls are missing, a few need a stitching. The decoration is not included.

On the old picture: Mary Viard, in the Opera from Lyon, ca. 1910. Maybe this kokoshnik, that we sold hear, is older than from the 20s.

Height: ~ 26 cm

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