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Wedding Bonnet, 1920s

antique wedding bonnet 1920

Flapper Evening Cap, England, 1920s

antique bonnet 1920s

Wedding Bonnet, England, 1920s

antique flapper wedding bonnet

Lamé Evening Bonnet, England, 1920s

antique lame bonnet 1920

Flapper Headpiece, Spain, 1920s

antique headpiece 1920

Net Cap, England, 1920s

antike Netzhaube 1920

Rhinestone and Egret Feather Headdress, 1920s

antique head piece 1920s

Swansdown Headpiece, Paris, 1920s

antique swansdown headpiece 1920s

Variety Top Hat, Berlin, 20s

antique top hats 1920s

Mini Variety Top Hat, Berlin, 20s

antique top hats 1920s

MAISON GERMAINE Straw Hat, Barcelona, 1920s

antique straw hat 1920s

BLOSSOM Cloche, Paris & New York, ca. 1925

antique Blossom cloche 1925

Wax Crown, Mode de Paris, 1920s

antike Wachskrone 1920

Antique Wax Crown, pictured in Jean D’Arc Living 04/2016

antique wax crown

Gold Lamé & Rhinestones Flapper Cloche, ca. 1924

antique cloche 1924

Black and Orange Cloche, ca. 1926

antique cloche 1926

Star Anise Cloche, 1920s

antique cloche 1920

Café au Lait Cloche Hat, ca. 1927

antique cloche hat 1927

Cloche Hat, black silk, ca. 1922

antiker Glockenhut 1920

Cloche Hat in Pink and Salmon, ca. 1924

antique dress 1924

Mourning Cloche, ca. 1925

antike Trauer cloche 1925

Rhinestone Bandeau Headdress, 1920s

antique rhinestone bandeau 1920

Bed Bonnet or Cap, patent 1925

antique bed bonnet

Bridal Wedding Cap Veil, 1920s

antique bridal cap veil HB


French Cloche, Silver Bullion "Hair" Cloche, ca. 1920s

HB antique mannequin Imans

French Flapper Cloche, ca. 1920s

antique flapper cloche

Jet Beaded Headpiece and Velvet Headband, 1920s

antique flapper headpice 1920

JEAN PATOU Hat, ca. 1920

antique Jean Patou Hat 1920

Revue Headpiece with Plumes, 1920s

antique headpiece 1920

White "Hair" Cloche, 1920s

antique hair cloche 1920

White "Hair" Kokoshnik-Cloche, 1920s

antique hair cloche 1920

CALLOT SOEURS Leather Cloche, Paris, ca. 1925

antique Callot soeurs Cloche 1925






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