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Dresses/Gowns 1920s

DRECOLL Jacket, Paris, 1920s

antique DRECOLL Jacket 1920

Velvet Day Dress, ca. 1923

antique day dress 1923

Yellow Dance Dress, ca. 1926

antique flapper dress 1926

Egyptian Applique Coat, ca. 1924

antique Egyptian coat 1924

ZIM'S Velvet-Lamé Opera Coat, Paris, ca. 1923

antique flapper coat Paris 1923

Embroidered Evening Coat, England, ca. 1921

antique embroidered flapper coat 1921

Flapper Party Dress, ca. 1926

antique party dress 1926

Irish Crochet Blouse, ca. 1929

antique irish crochet blouse 1920

BABANI Evening Dress, Paris, ca. 1925

antique BABANI evening dress 1925

Evening Dress, England, ca. 1924

antique evening dress 1924

Summer Dress, Germany, ca. 1925

antikes Sommer Kleid 1925

Embroidered Peach Jacket, ca. 1926

antique beaded jacket 1926

Evening Dress, ca. 1922

antique evening dress 1922

MOLYNEUX Wedding Dress, 1923

antique Molyneaux wedding Dress 1923

Afternoon Dress, ca. 1924

antique dress 1924

Party Dress, ca. 1926

antique party dress 1926

Party Dress, France, ca. 1924

antique party dress 1924

White Evening Flapper Dress, France, 1920s

antique flapper evening dress 1920

Beaded and Sequined Net Dress, 1920s

antique flapper dress 1920

Vest Cape, France, 1920s

antique cape 1920

Charming Flapper Dress, ca. 1925

antique flapper dress 1925

Flapper Dress, ca. 1924

antique flapper dress 1924

Cream Satin Wedding Dress, 1920s

antikes Hochzeitskleid 1920

Lavishly Beaded Velvet Opera Coat, ca. 1925

antique opera coat 1925

WORTH Dévoré Velvet Evening Dress, Paris, ca. 1926

2 antique flapper dress Worth 1920


Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes, dated 1927

antique wedding dress 1927

Flapper Dress, ca. 1925

antique flapper dress 1920

Riding Habit, Paris, ca. 1922

antique riding habit 1920

Wedding Dress, dated 20. June 1923

antikes Hochzeitskleid 1923

MARGARETE NEUMANN Velvet Dress, Weimar, 1920s

antikes Tageskleid 1926

Stunning Flapper Dress, ca. 1926

antique flapper dress 1926

Wedding Dress, ca. 1925

antique wedding dress 1920

Sequin Dress in pink, gold, black, 1920s

antique charleston dress 1920

Georgette Silk Flapper Dress, ca. 1928

antikes Flapper Kleid 1928

Charleston Dress, Paris, ca. 1925

antique charleston dress 1925

Flapper Evening Dress, France, ca. 1925

antique flapper evening dress 1925

Robe de Style, Great Britain, ca. 1924

antique robe de style 1924





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