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Side Saddle Riding Ensemble, America, ca. 1904

antique riding ensemble 19041 antique riding ensemble 1904

Three-piece Amazon side saddle riding ensemble, ca. 1904. The ensemble comes from an American collection. The ensemble consists of a jacket, a skirt and pants.

The jacket closes in the front with 22 gold metal buttons. High stand-up collar. The front side is made of a velvet-like fabric. Long sleeves made of cotton. Grey cotton back. As suspect: missing a riding jacket worn over this jacket. An over jacket... Or: since this is a summer ensemble, the combination could have been worn with just this jacket.

The pants have a bulging butt area. Probably the buttocks area of the lady was still extra padded. Thin beige fabric. Side closure by means of a button. Elasticated waist, which was needed when wearing boots. Pants of this type are rare from this period. They were worn under the riding skirts.

The skirt is made of the same thin beige fabric. The train was fastened with a button on the side. Side closure with three buttons and hooks and eyes.

The ensemble is in very good (jacket) to excellent (pants and skirt) condition. The decoration is not included.

Bust: ~ 80 cm
Waist: ~ 56 cm
Length: ~ 45 cm
Shoulder: ~ 28 cm

Waist: ~ 60 cm
Length: ~ 105 cm

Waist: ~ 60 cm
Length: ~ 110 cm

Buttons sold

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