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Exquisite Belle Epoque Wedding Gown, ca. 1909

antique wedding gown 1 antique wedding gown

Fabulously and exquisite Belle Epoque gown from around 1909. It is made of silk and has so such lovely detailing all throughout! The scoop neck is adorned with lace and beading around the collar that has a piece cascading down from the left side. There is beading all down the left side and across the lower waist line that leads to two panels in the back with detailed beading. The front is 24" higher than the back and the under layer of the skirt has a tattered look to it. The sleeves are 3/4 length and are slightly gathered with lace at the cuffs. There is built in boning in the bodice as well as a built in corset that has hook n' eyes in the back. The dress itself closes with many hooks and eyes as well in the back! Truly a wonderful piece of history that would make a gorgeous wedding gown! Near mint condition. Only a drawn thread in the silk (see photo). The tattered under layer has a few loose areas The decoration is not included.

Waist: ~ 25"
Shoulders: ~ 16"
Hips: ~ 37"
Chest: ~ 34"
Front Length: ~ 57"
Back Length: ~ 81"

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