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Edwardian Wedding Gown with long train, ca. 1912

antique wedding gown 1 antique wedding gown

Elegant one-piece ivory silk wedding gown, ca. 1912. English label inside: „Costumiers * Dunsford Ltd. * Wexmouth“. Bodice with Brussels lace overlay and with beautiful bobbin lace on neck décolletage and cuffs. The overlay look at front like a swallowtail. He is tasseled and decorated with original wax flowers. Tasseled is also the long train and the bow on the backside of the dress. Original wax flowers on left side of the waist. Long Brussels lace sleeves. Back closure with many hooks and eyes. A very expensive and very ingenious cut. Excellent condition with minimal signs of use and age. That is not significant for this Edwardian artwork. The decoration, incl. the veil is not included.

Waist: ~ 26 1/2"
Bust: ~ 34 1/2"
Length (front): ~ 59"
Length (back), incl. train: ~ 120"

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