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Edwardian Walking Suit, ca. 1912

antique-walking-dress-1912 1 antique-walking-dress-1912

Blue wool Edwardian walking suit with dramatic, unusual styling. The jacket has dropped sleeves which are outlined with large, round, silk covered buttons. The pleated, standing neck is faced with black moire silk. It closes in front with another round button, there are also two buttons at each side of the shaped, dropped waistband. The skirt is in a "lampshade" style, with a double overskirt. It closes in back with two sets of snaps, it has a heavy waistband and a kick pleat at the back, no lining. The inside edges of the skirt are bound with black silk tape. The suit is in very good wearable condition. There is one small hole at one of the overskirts, one small area of discoloration, these are minor. There also might be some other minor spots or tiny thinning areas. The jacket looks like it had a lining at one time which has been removed. Blouse and decoration are not included.

Bust: ~ 36"
Waist: ~ 29"
Skirt Length: ~ 38"

Buttons sold

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