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Dresses/Gowns 1900-1919

BAVARIA Bathing Suit, Chicago, ca. 1908

antique swim suit 1908

Exceptional Blouse, ca. 1901

antique blouse 1901

Irish Crochet Blouse, ca. 1909

antique blouse 1909

Evening Dress, Philadelphia, ca. 1915

antique evening dress 1915

Walking Ensemble with Hat and Pocket, ca. 1915

antique walking dress 1915

KEILY Bodice, New York, ca. 1901

antique Keily Bodice 1901

MADAME BERNARD Walking Dress, London, ca. 1901

antique walking dress 1901

Corduroy Walking Suit, ca. 1913

antique walking suit 1913

P. LAMERS Dinner Dress, Hamburg, ca. 1910

antique dinner dress Hamburg 1906

Tea Gown, ca. 1904

antique tea gown 1904

JOHN FIELD Red Velvet Jacket, Sidmouth, ca. 1910

antique jacket 1910

Tea Gown, ca. 1908

antique tea dress 1908

MANDEL BROTHER "Lingerie" Dress, Chicago, ca. 1901

antique Mandel Brothers Lingerie dress 1901

Blue Linen Dress, ca. 1901

antikes Leinenkleid 1901

JAQUES DOUCET Blouse, Paris, ca. 1912

antique jackes doucet blouse 1910

R.A. McCORMICK Society Dress, Boston, ca. 1904

antique gown 1904

Midnight Blue Velvet Walking Suit, ca. 1906

antique walking ensemble 1906

MACHERET Society Dress, New York & Paris, ca. 1901

antique dress 1901

Crocheted Blouse, ca. 1904

antike Bluse 1904

Dazzling Evening Dress, France, ca. 1912

antique evening dress 1912

Ermine and lace Coat, Marija Pawlowna Romanowa, ca. 1908

antique hermine lace coat 1901

Wedding Ensemble, Spain, Summer 1912

antique wedding ensemble 1912

Dinner Dress, France, ca. 1912

antique evening dress 1912

Heavy Beaded Evening Dress, Germany, ca. 1912

antique evening dress 1912

Evening Dress, ca. 1917

antikes Abendkleid 1917

Summer Dress, ca. 1904

antique summer dress 1904

LIBERTY & Co. Cape, London & Paris, ca. 1905

antique Liberty cape 1905

OHNVEILER Wedding Dress, New York, ca. 1908

antique wedding dress 1908

HUGHES & STARNES Wedding Dress, dated 1915

antique wedding dress 1915

Evening Dress with Pearl Embroidery, France, ca. 1908

antique evening dress 1908

Blouse, Irish Crochet, ca. 1904

antique blouse 1904

Mme. ALBERT Evening Dress, Chicago, ca. 1912

antique evening gown 1912

Elegant Hobble Skirt Dress, ca. 1913

antique hobble skirt Dress 1913

GUSTAV BEER Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1905

antique BEER dress 1905

LÉVILION Reception Gown, Paris, ca. 1906

antique afternoon dress 1906

Edwardian Faux Fur Jacket, ca. 1904

antique jacket 1904

Black Silk Walking Dress, ca. 1910

antique walking dress 1910

BONNECA Evening Dress, Irun, ca. 1918

antique evening dress 1918

Summer Dress, ca. 1906

antique summer dress 1906

Edwardian Blouse, ca. 1907

antike Bluse 1907

Silk Crêpe Summer Dress, ca. 1916

antique dress 1916

PAQUIN Coat, dated Summer 1911

antique PAQUIN Coat 1911

Elegant Walking Ensemble, ca. 1906

antique walking suit 1906

FANNY GERSON Afternoon Dress, Princely House of Wied, ca. 1903

antique dress Fanny Gerson 1903

Embroidered Dress, ca. 1908

9 antique walking ensemble 1908

NELMARIE Evening Gown, London, ca. 1913

antique evening gown Nelmarie 1913

ALTMAN & Co. Evening Dress, Paris and New York, ca. 1912

antique evening dress Altmann 2012

SILKEHUSET Dinner or Reception Gown, Oslo, ca. 1906

antique dinner dress Silkehuset 1906

LIBERTY & Co. Titanic Era Wool Coat, Paris, ca. 1912

antique titanic era coat 1912

DRECOLLL Evening Dress, ca. 1906

antique Drecoll dress 1906

LAFERRIÈRE Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1908

antique gown Lafferiere 1908

BUGBEE Evening Gown, New York, ca. 1904

antique evening gown 1904

WORTH Walking Suit, Paris, ca. 1908

antique walking Suit Worth 1908

Wedding Gown with Wax Flowers, ca. 1912

antique wedding dress 1912

Wedding Dress with the Photograph of the Bridal Pair, ca. 1913

13 antique wedding dress 1913

Titanic Era Opera Coat, England, ca. 1912

antiker Abendmantel 1912

Edwardian Waistcoat & Cape, ca. 1910

antique cape 1910

Exceptional Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1904

antique evening dress


Art Nouveau Black Beaded Silk Evening Gown, ca. 1912

antique gown

Art Nouveau Purple Silk Dinner Gown, ca. 1912

antique gown

Art Nouveau Green Silk Evening Gown, ca. 1910

antique evening dress

Edwardian Wedding Dress, ca. 1910

Wedding dress

Riding Dress, dated 18 October 1906

antique riding dress HB

Titanic Era Walking Suit, ca. 1912

antique dress HB

Edwardian Wedding Dress, dated April 4, 1912

antique wedding dress

Edwardian Walking Suit, ca. 1912


Evening dress from Vienna, ca. 1910 

antique dress HBB

Elegant Belle Epoque Evening Dress, Au Bon Marche, Paris, ca. 1910


Evening Dress with Day Bodice, Scotland, ca. 1902

antique evening dress

Edwardian Gray Wool & Lace Suit, ca. 1904

antique dress

Fantastic Ballgown from Vienna, ca. 1903

antique ball gown

Opera Coat of Brocade and Battenburg Lace, Paris, ca. 1901

antique opera coat

Velvet Visiting Gown, Paris, ca. 1904


Exceptional Edwardian Walking Suit, ca. 1912


Edwardian Wedding Gown with long train, ca. 1912

antique wedding gown

"Hydrangea"-Coat, ca. 1906

antique silk coat 1906

Edwardian Battenburg Lace Coat, ca. 1906

antique battenburg lace coat 1906

Elegant Evening Gown, ca. 1912

antique evening gown 1912

Elegant Black Evening Gown, ca. 1909

antique evening gown 1909

Art Nouveau Brown Cashmere Dress, ca. 1910

antique gown

Elegant Ball Gown, Sheffield, ca. 1901

antique ball dress 1901

Delightful Wedding Gown, ca. 1910

antique wedding dress 1910

Fuchsia Silk Velvet Opera Cape, ca. 1916

antique coat 1916

Extraordinary Reception Gown, ca. 1901

antique dress 1901

Grey Silk Chiffon Reception Gown, ca. 1909

antique dress 1908

Stunning Ball Gown, ca. 1904

antique ball gown 1904

Exquisite Belle Epoque Wedding Gown, ca. 1909

antique wedding gown

Art Nouveau Afternoon or Reception Gown, ca. 1910

antique gown

Art Nouveau Afternoon or Reception Gown, ca. 1910

antique afternoon dress

Majestic Ball Gown, ca. 1909

antique Ball gown 1909

Opulent Era Day and Evening Ensemble, House of Beer, dated June 1901


Walking or Promenade Dress, ca. 1905

antique walking dress 1905

 Party Dress, ca. 1917

antique dress 1907

Exquisite Summer Dress, Paris Label, ca. 1901

antique summer dress 1901

Summerly Evening Gown in Empire Style, London, ca. 1909

antique dress 1909

Edwardian Tea Dress, England, ca. 1908

antikes teekleid 1908

Promenade Dress, ca. 1904

antikes Ausgehkleid 1904

Titanic Era Ball Gown, Strasbourg, ca. 1912

antique dress 1912

Silk Satin Wedding Gown with Train, ca. 1913

antikes hochzeitskleid 1913

Evening Dress, Renee Soeurs, ca. 1919

antique evening Dress 1919

Blue Wild Silk Walking Suit, New York, ca. 1906

antique walking suit 1907

Linen Summer Dress, Germany, ca. 1908

antikes Leinenkleid 1908

Edwardian Tennis Dress, ca. 1910

antique tennis dress 1910

Edwardian White Linen Summer Dress, ca. 1910 

antique summer dress HB

Reception Gown, Paris, ca. 1912

antique gown 1912

Titanic Silk Damask Netting & Battenburg Lace Wedding Dress, ca. 1909

antique wedding gown 1909

Art Nouveau Ball Gown, ca. 1908

antique art nouveau dress 1908

Wedding or Bridal Gown, ca 1913

antique wedding gown

Visiting Ensemble, ca. 1901

2 antique visiting ensemble

Titanic Era Wedding Dress, ca. 1912

antikes Hochzeitskleid

Superb Gibson Girl Era Ball Gown, ca. 1901

antique ball-gown

FARQUHARSON & WHEELOCK Evening Gown, New York, ca. 1913

antique evening dress 1913

WORTH Evening Dress, Paris, ca. 1910

antique evening gown Worth 1910

Titanic Era Evening Gown with Large Rose, ca. 1912

antikes Abendkleid 1912

Black Linen Walking Dress, ca. 1901

antique walking gown 1901

Mme. CARLIER “Butterfly” Ball Gown, ca. 1901

antikes Abendkleid 1910

Battenburg Lace Reception Gown, ca. 1901

antikes Empfangskleid 1901

"Chestnut" Coat, ca. 1905

antiker Mantel 1905

White Satin Wedding Gown, ca. 1909

antique edwardian wedding dress 1909

Orange Silk Brocade Reception Gown, ca. 1905

antikes Kleid 1905

Titanic Era Wool Walking Dress, ca. 1912

antique walking dress 1912

Summer Dress, Crochet Work, ca. 1908

antique summer dress 1908

Walking Dress, ca. 1916

antikes strassenkleid 1914

LILLY Art Nouveau Reception Gown, ca. 1901

antikes Jugendstilkleid 1901

Titanic Era Reception Gown, Newcastle, ca. 1912

antikes Kleid 1910

Cobalt Blue Titanic Era Dress, ca. 1910

antique titanic era dress

LEONARD & O'NEILL Evening Gown, ca. 1912

antikes Abendkleid 1912

WORTH Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1906

antique WORTH Evening Gown 1906

Reception Gown, Battenburg Lace, ca. 1904

antikes Empfangskleid 1904

DEMPSEY Princess Lace Wedding Gown, ca. 1908

antikes Hochzeitskleid 1908

Titanic Era Evening Dress, ca. 1911

antique dress HB

Ball Gown, ca. 1904

antique ball gown 1904

Art Nouveau Evening Gown with Coat, ca. 1909

antique dress

Fabulous Reception Gown, ca. 1904

antique recpetion gown 1904

Irish Crochet Dress, ca. 1904

antique irish crochet dress 1904

Reception Gown, Wool, ca. 1901

antique reception gown 1901

PLYM Walking Dress, Washington, dated April 1912

antique walking dress 1912

REDFERN Afternoon Dress, Paris, ca. 1901

antique dress Redfern 1901

MAURICE MAYER Ball Gown, Paris, ca. 1913

antique Maurice Mayer gown 1913

PAQUIN Coat, dated Summer 1919

antique PAQUIN coat 1919

WORTH Evening or Opera Coat, Paris, ca. 1904

antique Worth opera coat 1904

Reception-Gown, Shogren Sisters, ca. 1901

antique dress 1900 HB

MME. HAVET & MON. AGNES Tea Gown, Paris, ca. 1912

antique dress Havet Agnes 1912

JEANNE HALLEÈ Evening Dress, Paris, ca. 1912

antique Jeanne Halle dress 1912

ALTMAN & Co. Reception Gown, Paris & New York, ca. 1904

antique ALTMANN Battenburg lace dress 1904

KAYSER Society Dress, Lyon, ca. 1908

antique society dress Kayser 1908

Airy Society Dress, France, ca. 1901

antique society dress 1901

GUSTAVE BEER Reception and Society Dress, ca. 1906

antique Gustave Beer gown 1906

WORTH Silk Jacket, Paris, ca. 1908

antique Worth Cape 1908

BUZENET Ball Gown, Paris, ca. 1903

antikes Ballkleid 1903

JEANNE HALLEÈ Evening Dress, ca. 1905

Jeanne Halle Evening Dress 1900

Art Nouveau Black Silk Gown, ca. 1908

3a antikes Kleid

Art Nouveau Brown Silk Dinner Gown, ca. 1910

antique gown

M.A. TANSLEY Society Dress, Springfield, ca. 1904

antique society dress 1904

Extraordinary Titanic Era Opera Coat, ca. 1912

antique opera coat



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