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Winter Walking or Reception Gown, ca. 1895

antique-walking-gown 1 antique-walking-gown

Two piece winter walking or reception gown, day dress with a typical early-mid-1890s construction and silhouette with a very wide A-line skirt, a small waist and a bolero front. The burgundy colour and heavy ribbed silk satin moiré (watered effect) fabric are very typical for the 1890s. This is a very heavy garment which was almost certainly a winter outfit. 

The bodice has a bolero front, a high collar, small upstanding ruffles on the shoulders and tailored sleeves. The sleeve ends and collar are trimmed with handmade bobbin lace. The bodice is lined with brown cotton and fully boned. The waistline is trimmed with black satin ribbon. The bodice closes on the front with hooks and eyes. The vast trained skirt is lined with brown silk taffeta and brown cotton (around the inside hem) and 5" longer on the back. The skirt is heavily gathered and pleated at the back waist. A dark purple velvet band protects the hem of the skirt. The skirt closes on the back with hooks and eyes. It also hooks onto the back of the bodice, where large hooks were placed at the internal waistband - this was to ensure a smooth silhouette. Wearable size and excellent condition. Only the lower part of the skirt has a few stains and splashes that appear to almost all superficial and can almost certainly be easily sponged off with care - there is nothing that distracts. The decoration is not included.

Bust: ~ 37"
Waist: ~ 29"
Length Skirt (front): ~ 46"
Length Skirt (back): ~ 56"

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