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Victorian Silk Walking Outfit, ca. 1898

victorian-walking-suit-1888 1 victorian-walking-suit-1888

Two-pieces Victorian walking outfit from the late 1890s. Fashioned from exquisite pale green silk faille with lots of pretty trimmings. The bodice is fully lined in green cotton, 12 baleen in situ and original dress protectors under each arm. A plethora of faux gemstone braid decorates the bodice, at the front, around the sleeves and cuffs. Contrasting lace forms her placket, collar and cuffs. Iridescent two tone silk organza outlines her back seams and defines her jacket edge. Fastening at the front with hooks and bars. The skirt is fully lined in stout glazed cotton with original ties used to tamper down the fullness at the back. Constructed with gored sections and stroked pleats at the centre back. On the front of the skirt is more of the sparkly braid and bow. Fastening with substantial hooks and bars on a petersham waistband. The outfit is in very good condition, extremely fresh looking, the colours even and clean. There are a few faint, small marks here and there and a couple of pin holes, nothing of any significance, the ribbon running through the lace has broken, some of the fancy braid is fraying and maybe some of the stones are missing. The decoration is not included.

Bust: ~ 36"
Waist: ~ 23"
Front Length: ~ 42"
Back Length: ~ 46"

Buttons sold

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