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Victorian Silk Ball Gown, ca. 1895

antique ball gown 1 antique ball gown

Elegant two piece platinum silk satin ball or evening dress from the late Victorian era. The gown is labeld with: „Jennings & Co * 1. East 10th Street * New York“. Having back lacing bodice, short ruched sleeve with puffed shoulder (Gigot sleeves), pleated chiffon sides, trimmed in embroidered net with silver sequins, studs and cut steel buttons. The skirt front hem is trimmed in studded net between two pleats, pleated back having studded net drapery. Very good to excellent condition, only two tiny holes where net was sewn to skirt and a few small tears to net.

Shoulders: ~ 21 1/3”
Waist: ~ 26 3/4"
Length: ~ 55”

Buttons sold


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