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Dresses/Gowns 1890-1900

FITCH & Co. Wedding dress with original photographs of the bride, Malton, ca. 1896

antique wedding dress 1896

Carriage Dress, America, ca. 1895

antique carriage dress 1895

Roller Skating Ensemble, Germany, ca. 1899

3a antique roller skate ensemble 1899

BEL Bodice, Cologne, ca. 1895

antikes Oberteil 1890

Ice Skating Ensemble, England, ca. 1898

antique ice skating ensemble 1898

Astrakhan Jacket, ca. 1895

antique jacket 1895

Evening Gown, ca. 1896

antique evening gown 1896

Summer Bicycle Ensemble, France, ca. 1899

1 antique summer bicycle dress 1899

ADAMS & BEST Ball Gown, London, ca. 1896

antique ball gown 1896

COLLEY Evening Dress, England, ca. 1898

antique Colley evening dress 1898

Green Collar, ca. 1900-1905

antique collar 1900

MARIE ROBEL Promenade Gown, Dresden, ca. 1898

antique promenade gown Marie Robel 1898

WORTH attributed Opera Coat, ca. 1896

antique opera coat worth 1896

Boudoir Robe, ca. 1898

antique boudoir robe 1898

BULPHIN Evening Dress, ca. 1896

26 antique evening dress 1896

FRED FISH Day Dress, Ipswich, ca. 1898

antique day dress 1898

LARUE Ball Gown, Bordeaux-Biarritz, ca. 1898

antique ball gown Biarritz 1898

Red and black striped society dress, America, ca. 1895

antikes Gesellschaftskleid 1895

McCARTHY Reception Gown, Syracuse, ca. 1896

antikes Kleid McCarthy 1896

WORTH Boudoir Robe, Paris, ca. 1900

antique WORTH Wrapper 1900

Ball Gown Bodice, ca. 1898

antique ball bodice 1898

MADAME PERCY Visiting Gown, ca. 1898

antique Madame Percy Visiting gown 1898

Wedding Dress, ca. 1896

antique wedding dress 1896

ADOLPHE Riding Jacket, Paris, ca. 1890

antique riding bodice 1890

Velvet Evening Dress, Lyon, ca. 1897

antique evening dress 1897

R.A. McCORMICK Evening Dress, Boston, ca. 1898

antique evening dress 1898

Ball Gown, France, ca. 1900

antique ball gown 1900

Devonshire House Ball Costume, Marquise of Tweeddale, 1897

antique Devonshire costume 1897

BARGE, DESTOURDEUR & Cie. Day and Evening Ensemble, Paris, ca. 1899

antique evening dress 1899

Evening Dress, France, ca. 1896

antique evening gown 1896

ALLEBONEL Reception Gown, Chicago, ca. 1895

antique dress 1895

MARIX FRÈRES JEUNES Jacket, Lyon, ca. 1896

antique dress bodice 1896

Sequins Beaded Cape, ca. 1892

antique cape 1892


Boudoir gown from Paris, ca. 1888

4 tea gown

Belle Epoque Ballgown, ca. 1898

belle epoque ballgown

Victorian Silk Ball Gown, ca. 1895

antique ball gown

Evening Dress from Prague, ca. 1895

antique dress, antique gown, dress 1895, gown 1895, victorian dress, victorian gown, evening dress, antique dress for sale

Winter Walking or Reception Gown, ca. 1895

antikes Kleid, antique dress, antique gown, gown 1895, dress 1895, antique recpetion gown, reception gown 1895, antique day dress, day dress 1895, antique walking dress, walking gown 1895, robe ancienne, antik ruha, vestido antico

Victorian Silk Walking Outfit, ca. 1898


Romantic Tea Gown, ca. 1899

antique tea gown

Victorian Ball Gown, ca. 1892

antique ball gown 1892

Stately Morning Dress or Dressing Gown, ca. 1888

antique dress gown

Evening Gown, New York, ca. 1895

antique ball gown 1895

Unique Wedding Gown, Newport, ca. 1895

antique wedding Gown 1895

Fashionable Ball Gown, ca. 1896

antique Ball gown 1890

Stunning Evening or Reception Gown, ca. 1892

antique evening gown

JEANNE HALLÉE Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1899

antique evening gown JEANNE HALLE 1899

Silk Brocade Wedding Dress, ca. 1895

antique wedding gown 1895

WORTH Venetian Ball Gown for Mrs. J.P. Morgan, Paris, ca. 1898

antique fancy dress WORTH 1898

Extravagant red jacket, ca. 1898

antique jacket, jacket 1900, antique dress, antique gown, dress 1900, gown 1900, victorian dress, robe anciene, abito antico, antieke jurk

Elegant Wedding Dress, ca. 1894

antique wedding dress 1894

Victorian Wedding Ensemble, ca. 1895

antikes Hochzeitskleid 1895

CHEVALLIER-LUZARDI Reception Gown, Geneva, ca. 1898

antique reception gown 1898

WORTH Black Evening Dress, ca. 1898

antique Worth evening dress 1898

WORTH Evening Dress, Paris, ca. 1898

WORTH evening dress 1898

HENRIETTE TISSIER Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1895

antique evening gown Henriette Tissier 1895

Fanciful Victorian Gown, ca. 1899

antique reception gown

ALEX SCOTT Ladies Side Saddle Habit, ca. 1895

antique ridding habit 1895

Maison ROUFF Wedding Gown, Paris, ca. 1896

antique ROUFF Wedding Dress 1896

Brown Wool Dress, dated 1898

antique dress

JEANNE HALLÉE Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1895

antique evening gown Jeanne Hallee 1895

Hunting Party Reception Gown, ca. 1896

antique reception gown 1896

Elegant Ball Gown, ca. 1895

antique ball gown 1895

DELBARRE Evening Gown, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, ca. 1897

antique evening dress Elisabeth Schwarzkopf 1897

Mrs. CUTTLE Evening Gown, Bradford, ca. 1895

antique evening gown 1895

DARLINGTON RUNK Evening Dress, Philadelphia, ca. 1895

antique evening dress 1895

MAISON LIPMAN Reception or Society Gown, ca. 1896

antique dress Maison Lipmann 1896

WORTH Evening Gown, Paris, ca. 1898

antique evening dress WORTH 1898

WORTH Evening or Ball Gown, Paris, ca. 1894

8 antique evening gown Worth 1894

LOUISE BORGES Ball Gown, New York, ca. 1900

antique ball gown 1900

ALTMAN & Co. Ball Gown, New York, ca. 1894

antique Altman ball gown 1894

Mme. E. ROUSSET Society Dress, Paris, ca. 1899

antique Rousset Paris society dress 1899

MAISON H. THIRION Reception Gown, Paris, ca. 1895

antique reception gown 1895

LEROUX Ball Gown, New York, ca. 1890

antique LEROUX Ball gown 1890

MADAME CUPER Silk Jacket, Paris, ca. 1895

antique silk jacket 1895

Tennis Ensemble, ca. 1900

antique victorian tennis ensemble 1900

Ice Skating Ensemble, America, ca. 1899

antique skating ensemble 1899

Bicycle-Outfit, ca. 1898

antique cycling outfit 1898





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