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Viktorianisches (Trauer-) Armband aus Jet, ca. 1880

antique jet bracelet 1880 1 antique jet bracelet 1880
Victorian black French jet mourning jewellery bracelet, ca. 1880 Jet elements are linked together. The French glass cabochons are all faceted so that the necklace reflects light beautiful with wonderful. Each glass element is backed with a black enamel metal frame. While black jewellery during this time was worn for mourning, it was also very fashionable and worn for its beauty and sentiment. Good condition. Some cabochons looks replaced with other original beads. Difficult to say… The black enamel are all intact with the closure working. Overall, this is an excellent well cared piece of antique Victorian jewellery! The decoration is not included. Very rare to find!

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1a antique jet bracelet 1880 2 antique jet bracelet 1880 3 antique jet bracelet 1880 4 antique jet bracelet 1880 5 antique jet bracelet 1880 6 antique jet bracelet 1880 7antique jet bracelet 1880 8 antique jet bracelet 1880


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