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Fuchsienfarbiger Opernmantel aus Samt, ca. 1916

antique coat 1916 1 antique coat 1916

Amazing pink silk velvet opera coat with black velvet and Ermine accents. The coat has a wide black velvet collar. The collar closes at the throat with a large hook and eye. Large ornamental rosettes and side by side matching pink velvet closures close the center front of the coat with hidden snaps. These are amazing. Fixed vertical pleats accent the upper bodice of the coat. A horizontal pleat with pink velvet on one side and black velvet on the other angles across the front of the coat below the bust line. Further pleating is fixed at the underarm seam below the pink/black pleat that releases its fullness into the main body of the coat. The Bishops sleeves are cuffed in Ermine. The horizontal pleat is repeated across the back of the coat with an addition of a hand tied black silk tassel. The coat is lined with two-tone pink striped silk. Good to very good condition. There are issues with the lining mainly splitting of the fabric. A part of the lining is stabilized with an overlay of white tulle.

Brust: ~ 125 cm
Länge: ~ 122 cm

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2 antique coat 1916 3 antique coat 1916 4 antique coat 1916 4a antique coat 1916

5 antique coat 1916 6 antique coat 1916 7 antique coat 1916 8 antique coat 1916 8a antiker mantel 8b antiker mantel 9 antique coat 1916 10 antique coat 1916 11 antique coat 1916 12 antique coat 1916 13 antique coat 1916 14 antique coat 1916 15 antique coat 1916 16 antique coat 1916 17 antique coat 1916 18 antique coat 1916 19 antique coat 1916 20 antique coat 1916 21 antiker mantel 22 antiker mantel 23 antiker mantel 24 antiker mantel 25 antiker mantel 100 antique coat 1916 101 antique coat 1916 102 antique coat 1916 103 antique coat 1916 104 antique coat 1916 105 antique coat 1916 106 antique coat 1916


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